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Nerves (Part One)

Oh. My. Goodness! I’ll admit, my nerves have gotten the best of me over this, my first public blog post! Some of you may already know me or at least know of me. Some of us went to school together and some of us have worked together. Some of us are complete strangers. You are probably wondering why Kimberly Dewberry would have a blog. I suspect you may be thinking, “What in the world would she have to say that I need to hear?” Don’t worry, I thought the same thing myself.

I will start by telling you what I am NOT here to do:

  • I am NOT here to sell you a magic pill that will make all of your troubles disappear

  • I am NOT here to show you how to make millions of dollars with some get rich quick scheme

  • I am NOT here to show you how fast you can lose weight by drinking something that tastes like a cross between chalk and dirt

  • I am NOT here to teach you the bible (I’m still learning myself, so let’s learn together)

  • I am NOT here to bore you (at least I hope not!)

Nope. NOT this girl! I don’t have a master’s in theology, just a bachelor’s in life (which I am still working on). My transformation has not happened overnight and it didn’t happen by taking pills, NO WAY! My transformation happened by realizing a few very simple truths.

Now for what I AM here to do:

  • I AM here to tell my story; one blog/devotional at a time

  • I AM here to reach out to people and share the peace I have found after years (I mean A LOT of years) of feeling lost, depressed and confused

  • I AM here to be very real and honest

  • I AM here for fellowship and to communicate with anyone who would like to

  • I AM here to share my faith through words and truth

It has taken my entire adult life to figure out what was missing in my heart. My prayer is that you can share in my story and find the same peace I found. Over the course of this blog/devotional, I hope you will stick around with me, learn how my life is different and discover the same truths that I have discovered. The first few entries will be a sort of introduction to who I am. After that, I will share my faith and how the love of Jesus has transformed me into who I am becoming.

I will post here once a week and on Pinterest (my guilty obsession), Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram throughout each week; so make sure and follow me so you don’t miss out! I look forward to getting to know everyone better and sharing the truth with you all!

That's my story. Tell me yours in the comments below or contact me!

Until next week!

Kimberly <3