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Extraordinary in an Ordinary World

I cannot tell you the times where I have felt alone. When my children were growing up and I was making an attempt to raise them right. When I was going through both of my divorces. (Yes, I’ve been divorced twice.) When dealing with the faces of addiction in my family. When Dad passed away from stomach cancer after only being reunited with him for three short weeks. Whatever the season in our lives, there is bound to be a feeling of loneliness at some point.

In reading my advance copy of Rocking Ordinary by Lea Ann Garfias, I have hope that I am not truly alone. Many have been in the same or similar place I have been. Some have been in much darker corners than I, but Lea Ann’s words of encouragement through our daily plights have given me a fresh pair of eyes to see through.

Lea Ann shares difficult pains in her life in order to show us that God is fully alive and present despite any rejections, criticisms, pain, hurt, or bitterness we may face. Everyone needs that one person in our lives to share with. We all need a friend to lean over and say, “Me, too.” Through her humorous wit and gracious spirit, Lea Ann does just that. She knows, understands, and empathizes so well between the pages of her new book, what Christian women in today’s society are facing. She shows us how, with a gentle spirit, that we too can be extraordinary for God in a very ordinary world.

Whether you are a stay-at-home, busy, homeschooling mom; a mom that works outside the home, juggling activities, school functions and job responsibilities; or you can be like me, a mom of grown children trying to figure out her place in the world. It doesn’t matter! This book is for ordinary women everywhere just trying to find their extraordinary.

I am convinced we can all be the Christian women, wives, mothers, daughters, friends, and leaders God intended for us to be. Thanks to this book I know that I can follow my own path, run my race at my own pace, and live out my dreams with God by my side.

Starting today, I am giving away one FREE copy of Lea Ann Garfias new book, Rocking Ordinary published by New Leaf Press. To enter, simply subscribe to receive my weekly blog & devotionals in your email. Current subscribers are already in the entry, so no need to subscribe again! For subscribing, I will also send you a FREE copy of the Rocking Ordinary study guide so you can follow along with the questions at the end of each chapter of the book. I will announce the winner on July 18th!

Pre-order a copy of Rocking Ordinary today, so you can use the study guide! If you are the winner of the giveaway copy, you can always give it away to a friend! It’s a great way of saying “Me, too!”

Like my Facebook page – I will host a live chat session on July 29th to discuss the book with you!