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Courage to Change

February Series - God, Grant me Serenity - Week Two

Change is about having the courage to be who you really are. It takes great faith to have courage. Faith is trust that God will do for me what I cannot do alone. I must make myself available to Him in order for change to take place. I cannot hide my feelings from God. He knows all things.

For years, I thought I could hide my feelings away and eventually everything would work out for the best. After many long years of depression, I finally came to realize only God could transform my heart and my mind towards the alcoholic and addicted people in my life who had hurt me. Alcoholism is an ugly disease and it separates families from each other and from God. Only God can restore the sanity left behind.

  • Alcoholism stole my dad from me. The once strong, hardworking man became weaker as the addiction strangled him.

  • Alcoholism stole my husband from me for the first five years of our marriage.

  • Alcoholism stole my confidence and self-esteem.

  • Alcoholism stole my serenity as an adult.

Through God’s grace, I regained my dad for the last three weeks of his life. God showed me how to have a forgiving heart. Through God’s grace, my husband stopped drinking and entered into a recovery program along with me. I am proud to say he is 17 months sober and we are living a serene life together. Through God’s grace, my confidence is in the Lord. He builds me up through His Word and my self-esteem is greater as a result of it. Through God’s grace, He offers me serenity.

I am a Christian, a new person, my past is gone, and God has new things on the horizon for me.

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Follow along in the My Journey Journal (subscriber password required) and write about how the questions and scriptures today resonated with you. As you write, thank Him for His ability to transform and redeem.

Pray About it:

As you think and write, say this prayer with me.