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Letting it All Go

March Devotional Series - Let it Go - Week Three

Some days I am just tired. Some days I have a difficult time with letting go and giving my worries to God. Some days I have the full confidence I can let God be God and other days I want to wrestle control back into my grip. Do you ever feel this way?

I know I am guided by God. I know he cares for me. I know Jesus is Lord and I believe He was raised from the dead. Just because I know this is truth does not make life itself easier. Life can and will still be difficult at times. There will be seasons of unrest, hurts, and chaos. The difference for me now is I have learned to let it all go. All. Of. It.

I cannot control people, situations, or outcomes. Only God can do that.

  • How I respond to the people that hurt me determines the condition of my heart toward others.

  • My reaction to the painful situations determines how I recover from the hurt.

  • How I react to an unplanned outcome determines future plans.

Responding in anger and rage will lead to consequences. It also goes against God’s plan (James 1:19-20 ). God’s desire is for me to be slow to anger and seek His wisdom in all situations.

Reacting in a negative way will lead to bitterness. This goes against what the Bible tells me about God’s sovereignty (Proverbs 16:4). There is a purpose for everything, even the painful times.

Trying to be in control of every outcome toward my own plans goes against God’s instruction (Proverbs 19:21). God is in control. I must trust His will and know His plans always prevail.

Letting go of my life and wills and turning them over to God started for me over a year ago. It continues today and will continue tomorrow. I may not know the plans He has for me, but I can trust they will be for good, because He loves me.