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I Am Worthy of the Calling

I have completed many Bible studies over the past few years. Some I have done with others in a group. Some have been stand-alone independent studies. Some have been guided by a book companion to the Bible. I enjoy each one because they each reveal something I didn’t know or realize before I started.

When Sarah Koontz reached out to me and asked if I would help her launch her new 31-day free Bible study through the Book of Ephesians, Worthy of the Calling, I was thrilled to be a part of her ministry. Sarah has a heart for teaching women through the Bible and showing us through her powerful prose that we are all chosen children of Christ.

I’ve studied with Sarah through her previous online Bible studies, so I knew I was in for a treat. Sarah doesn’t disappoint with Worth of the Calling. In fact, I dare to say this is her best yet!

Sarah took me on a journey through Ephesians in a way I have not traveled before. She has broken the six-chapter book into easily digestible, but rich pieces that are consumed in about 15 minutes a day for 31 days.

Sarah has the keen ability to dig deep into God’s Word and provide her reader with just enough information to help see something we may not have seen before. The daily readings may be short, but they are filled to the very last second with important truths to help better understand God’s Word, who we are in Christ, and how to apply it to our lives.

I encourage you to experience Ephesians with Sarah like I have had the privilege of doing. Visit Sarah Koontz today and pre-register for her free 31-day online Bible study, Worthy of the Calling. You will not be disappointed.