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The Crossroads

Over the past several months of our journey together, God has been slowly tearing down the shaky ground we have been walking on as a result of our past. He is now beginning to rebuild our foundation into something strong and sturdy.

I am now nearing a crossroads with you. Imagine, if you will, we approach a “T” in the long road we have been traveling. We are hot, hungry, and tired from our journey. Our feet hurt and our back aches from the baggage we originally brought with us. Although our load is lighter, thanks to us being able to allow Jesus to help us carry it, the twinges left behind from the heaviness takes time to heal.

Now, we have made it to the time in our journey when we have choices to make. The crossroads where we stand has a road to the left and to the right. Those are our only two options. Which way should we go?

Step 10 tells us we should continue to take stock of our choices. Continue to take personal inventory. But that’s not where it stops. After taking inventory daily, sometimes moment by moment, if we discover we are wrong, we should promptly admit it. I want to make this easy on us, so let’s say at our crossroads, going to the left would be to ignore what we have learned thus far and going to the right would be to take consistent inventory.

The foundation God is rebuilding for us can be seen at this point. 1 Corinthians 10:12 tells us:

“Therefore let him who thinks he stands take heed that he does not fall.”

In other words, although I may think I have learned all there is to learn up to this point, if I’m not careful I could fall back into my old ways. By taking inventory daily, I am using the tools provided to me in order to improve my life. To live the life of freedom God desires for me to live. This life of freedom does not come in an instant. It is the progressive unlearning what I have learned from my past choices.

By taking inventory daily, I am using the tools provided to me in order to improve my life.

Let’s join hands together and turn to the right and go down the path that will lead to a life of freedom in Christ. Take time every day to take personal inventory. Together we can persevere and help each other to not fall.

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Think About It:

  • What does it mean to take a daily inventory?

  • How has your relationship with Jesus grown since the first of this year?

  • Take some time to write out a daily action plan to a personal inventory.

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