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Goodbye Hardened Heart

How many times have I prayed for God to change the heart of my husband, or my mother, or any of my loved ones? Too many times to count I can assure you. Working through Step 12, I realize that my recovery does not hinge on God changing the hearts of those I love. My recovery depends on God changing my heart.

Heart Change

It’s so easy for me to fall into my old patterns of trying to control other’s lives. I have to be aware of how I could relapse. A new betrayal could be the trigger that Satan wants to use to send me in the wrong direction on my recovery road. God has brought me so far on this journey, I simply cannot allow Satan to ruin all that God has done.

In today’s Scripture, we see how God promises to change us despite our circumstances. God is speaking to the Israelites through the prophet, Ezekiel. To give just a little context, Ezekiel’s message to God’s chosen people was given after the first Jewish exiles had been taken captive from Judah to Babylon. It is a warning to the prisoners not to believe the false prophets of the time period. He is offering them a message of hope for the coming Messiah.

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My recovery depends on God changing my heart.

As you may already know, the Israelites have struggled with their faith in God up to this point. Through Ezekiel’s prophecy, God is letting them know how He will redeem their suffering. They only need patience and set their eyes upon the Lord and not become bitter and resentful. Sounds simple enough, right? One would think so. But I ask you this, how often have you allowed your bitterness and resentment to hardened your heart? Especially if you are in a personal prison. Confession, I have many times. God is telling us there is hope, we just have to be acutely aware and patient.

Ezekiel 36:26