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Is Self-Care Biblical?

5 Tips and Scriptures Connecting Self-Care

We are taught in our Bible studies and in our churches to be selfless. The Word of God teaches us to love others as we love ourselves, in fact, it is the top two of the greatest commandments (Mark 12:31).

Is Self-Care Biblical?

That is the key point, though, love others as we love ourselves. In order to love others well, we must love ourselves, too. So how do we do that when life seems to be hitting us in all directions? How can we devote time for ourselves, to love ourselves well, if we are living in chaos? The key is the important practice of self-care.

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There are varying opinions regarding self-care. Depending on who you talk to or what resource you find on the internet, self-care can be both selfish and selfless. Biblical self-care is important to practice so we reflect the light of Christ into the darkness of the world. Here are a few ways I practice self-care.