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4 Lessons from Boston Terriers About Love

I love my dogs. They are a huge part of our family. They are adopted and I call them my “children”. Delilah came to us through adoption from the local SPCA and Daphne was rescued from a small facility that has since been closed by the county. I’ve often wondered if they remember their past and how bad it was for them. Both came from homes of dog hoarders. I can only imagine them needing to fight for their daily meal while being starved for love.

Daphne and Delilah are Boston Terrier breeds. They are loving, sweet, entertaining, and full of personality. They love to snuggle and give doggie kisses. They have taught me so much about the way we are loved by God. Now, before you stop right there, give me a few minutes to explain my position.

1. Love is patient (Ephesians 4:2)

Daphne and Delilah love to eat. I feed them regularly but for dinner time, I know they have an internal clock that that signals to their bellies. The closer it gets to 4pm, they will wake up from nap number 5 and circle around the kitchen. Since this is when I prepare our family meal, I’m already in the kitchen when they pay me a visit. They look up at me with expectant eyes and wait patiently for their dinner to be served. If I’m not on time, they do not get angry with me. If I’m a little behind schedule they are just fine. They love me regardless of my timeliness. They know they will get their dinner eventually, because I’ve always made sure they were fed.

Patient Daphne

2. There is no fear in true love (1 John 4:18)

Both of my fur babies will flinch and cower every single time they hear loud noises, someone grabs the swatter to kill a fly in the house, or during thunderstorms. They test my body language to see if I am also fearful or they will run and hide depending on the situation. This leads me to believe they lived in fear before. During a thunderstorm, both of them cannot get close enough to me or my husband. They are seeking protection. Reassurance is what they need in those moments. So, I snuggle them, stroke their slick fur, and let them know I will let nothing hurt them beyond what they can bear.

3. Love can’t stay angry (Ephesians 4:26)

I’m sure if my Boston’s could talk, they would tell you they don’t always get along. A game of tug-of-war will start out fun, but quickly turn into an all-out brawl in the living room. No matter how many times this happens, they always resolve the conflict just as quick as it started. They find their spot on the couch and snuggle. The fight they had just a few minutes before is forgotten.