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When Following God Requires Disruption

When Following God Requires Disruption


Following God requires disruption.

My recovery journey has, indeed, been one of disruption.

I first shared my story with a Celebrate Recovery group in 2014.

Back then, I painted a picture of a career-fueled Tracy, burned out from throwing her life into careers as a broadcast journalist, country music DJ, financial practitioner and radio broadcaster, turned public servant.

In 2015, I updated my story to reflect spiritual growth and career struggles.

A few weeks after sharing my story in 2015, my boss abruptly retired.

He was being pressured to eliminate positions and fire senior management.

Not that what the elected officials wanted was wrong or unethical, but my boss didn’t think whole-sale personnel changes would be in the best interests of the citizens we served. It turns out; I was one of those senior managers elected officials wanted gone.

That October, I packed up my office quietly and walked away from 12 years of lessons learned and friendships made.

I also decided to put my house on the market, after 20 years of living in a beautiful little neighborhood in Fort Smith.

While updating my testimony, my mom and I lost a dear friend.

I lost a former boss and a mentor.

The one who retired, rather than implement changes he thought were detrimental to lives and the citizens of our community.

Disruption, indeed.

What Brought Me to Recovery