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Pursuing the Dream

Today, I am a guest over at The Adventures Ahead blog, where I am candid about my writing journey and how perseverance is the key to not giving up! Here's a snippit or you can jump right over to the full post here: Pursuing the Dream - The Adventures Ahead Guest Post

Perseverance - The Adventures Ahead guest post

As a little girl, I held the brand new, pink diary with the little gold lock in my hands. Exhilaration surged within me when I opened it up and the spine cracked from the cheap glue that held it together. Once I saw the blank page, I knew what I needed to do. So, I wrote.

The feeling still happens although the medium has changed over the years. The pen and paper morphed into white screen and keyboard. That little girl with the pink diary only wanted to record my thoughts, grievances, and feelings. As an adult, I wanted more than that from my words.

Learn more about my God-breathed dream and how I never gave up.

Learn More about my Dream Here