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The Story of the Other Woman

My friend, Vickie Petz Henderson gave me the wonderful opportunity to be a guest over at My Right Side Up Life this week. Will you join me over there?

From the outside looking in, everything seems picture perfect. Photos streaming across the screen of happy trips, family get-togethers, school event moments with kids, and the “typical” day in the life of people. But, what is really going on behind the social media pictures with smiles, vacation photos, and pictures of the happy family?

Behind the smiles, I am quietly breaking. Behind the family get-togethers, I am a fake. On the inside, I am ashamed of my past. Is this how you feel, too?


For years, I spent my life portraying the real fake me to the outside world as the happy wife, the stoic mother, and well-rounded, moral person. In my book, Three Weeks to Forgiveness, I share about a decision from my past that changed the way I viewed myself until I let God change my heart.

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