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How to Transform Your Life Garden

How to Transform Your Life Garden

When Spring and Summer finally arrive after a long, harsh winter, I am all about being outdoors. There’s just something about being out in the sunshine and nature that soothes my soul. Since early Spring I’ve been planting flowers. No, that makes it sound too easy. I’ve been raking dead leaves, pulling out weeds, shoveling dirt and breaking my back so that I can plant beautiful flowers in my yard. You see, transformation takes work, pain, and loss. You have to dig out the weeds and make space for new life. Its the same in our hearts as it is in a garden - when we allow for suffering and change to happen, something beautiful is given the chance to bloom and grow.

Romans 8: 5-13 talks about the transformation that happens in our lives when we come to know Christ. We are given a new mind and a new being – meaning we no longer pursue sin or the deeds of the flesh, but rather our minds are set on the desires of God. But even though we are instantly united with Christ at salvation, there is still an ongoing work of transformation as long as we walk this earth.

That ongoing transformation is painful, involves loss, and requires work on our end too. That ongoing transformation is God’s way of making us more like Him. He’s constantly calling us to remove the dead leaves of our past, pull out the weeds of sin, and make space for new life – the new life that He has given us. That ongoing transformation is how we experience both new life and peace.

Space for New Life

Transformation takes Work

I have a lot of weeds in my life. And the truth is, that most of the time I don’t want to do the work to dig them out. I don’t want to get dirty. I’m too lazy to dig down and pull them out by the root. And sometimes, it’s just too painful to even try. Sadly, though, because I’m not killing those weeds, they are killing me.

That’s right. How can a flower grow under dead leaves, choked out by weeds, and without water? The answer is that it can’t. And though I may fertilize my soul and water my heart with the truth of God’s word, it’s little use when I allow the weeds of my sin to keep stealing all the water and nutrition that’s being poured into me.

The weeds that I struggle with the most are the weeds that grow in my mind. You see, I struggle with depression. That means my mind runs automatically toward the negative. My reality is often distorted. I have low self-esteem. And I have a lot of negative self-talk. These weeds literally steal life from me. They zap my energy and tell me I’m worthless. They’ve even tempted me to take my own life.

But Romans 8 tells us that when we come to know Christ, we are no longer slaves to our sin. We have the power now to dig out the weeds that are choking us. We can see that they are harmful. And we know that if we aren’t killing them, they will be killing us.

Transformation is Painful

Anyone who’s ever worked outside in a yard or garden knows that it’s painful. That afternoon your back will be aching, your hips will be sore, and your legs will be tired. Creating something beautiful isn’t easy and it surely isn’t comfortable.