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Why Invite Me

I know first-hand how the serenity and peace of God’s redemption are keys to personal wholeness.  I offer solid biblical truths to help transform men and women in the grace of a loving Heavenly Father. Adult women with alcoholic fathers tend to have a skewed image of God. This makes it difficult for us to know how to find hope or salvation. We are not alone in their struggles. I share my story of how forgiveness is found in the dark places of shame and guilt.

Kimberly Dewberry

Places I've Spoken

  • Recovery Groups

  • Recovery Events and Conferences

  • Recovery Awareness Events

  • Church Small Groups

  • Women's Events

  • Counseling Center Small Groups

My Speaking Topics

Let it Go

It's time to let go and let God do His work!

I share my gripping testimony of having an addicted parent, loss suffered, grief endured, and God's redemption through living with addiction in my family. My story will transform your thinking and take you closer to letting go of the shame and embarrassment of the past and turning to God for strength and hope.

Finding Forgiveness

Do we know how to forgive others? Can we forgive ourselves? Have we fully received and accepted forgiveness? These are the questions I thought about after God shook up my life. I subsequently wrote a book about this very topic. Forgiveness. Through one event, God gave me the keys to unlock the door of what forgiveness means in our lives. I share how God helped me to work through the obstacles that stop us from recognizing the meaning behind forgiving others and what it means to be forgiven.

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