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“What will they think?” “How can I possibly help them if I didn’t have all the answers for myself?” “Will referral sources will stop referring if they knew the

March 7, 2018

Having gone through the 12 steps of recovery through a few different recovery programs, I have discovered the power of journaling. In fact, it was through journaling...

February 26, 2018

7 Tips for Managing Depression Depression is a serious thing. I have had bouts with it off and on for over 25 years. If you have the same struggle you know it i

January 5, 2018

We are taught in our Bible studies and in our churches to be selfless. The Word of God teaches us to love others as we love ourselves, in fact, it is the top two of the greatest commandments (Mark 12:31).

March 29, 2017

As I started to work culling the extra stuff from my life I actually had to make a list of what is good for me and what is not. I recognized that the whole point was for me to pare down what occupies (or rather overwhelms) my heart and head, and feel good about it. God wants me to practice a life of simplicity.

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