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About me

I struggled for 25 years to cope with the pain, hurt, guilt, regret, unworthiness, and shame brought on by my father's addictions. As my life devolved into a predictable pattern of poor choices caused by the dysfunctional thinking of an alcoholic household, my image of God was skewed by an inner turmoil only he could heal. Because of the loving grace of Jesus Christ, I have broken free from the shackles of rebellion and anger, and made it my life’s mission to share my journey through courageous prose. My heart’s desire is to help other adult children of alcoholics identify and overcome unhealthy cycles of destructive living that the specter of alcoholism leaves behind. I often testifies at recovery meetings about the serenity and peace of God’s redemption, which are keys to personal wholeness. In my latest book, Three Weeks to Forgiveness, I share my personal story of God's redemption in the dark places of addiction. I also share biblical insights to everyday problems through my devotional blog, Transforming Normal. My husband Patrick and I are the parents of 6 grown children between us and live in the Dallas area with our three furry friends. When not working as vice president of secondary mortgage operations at a North Texas bank, I enjoy writing, reading, Bible art journaling, participating in Bible studies, and dating my husband.
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Why a Dragonfly?

The dragonfly symbolizes wisdom, change, transformation, light and adaptability in life. The dragonfly shows up in people's lives to remind them that they need to bring lightness and a joy to their life.

 The dragonfly is considered the symbol of transformation because of the way that it grows. Dragonflies are born in the water and begin to grow there, but then they move into the air and learn to fly. Dragonflies also have incredible flight patterns and are able to change their direction of flight quickly without much effort.

I have been transformed much like a dragonfly. Jesus has brought me wisdom, changed my life, transformed my thinking, brought light to what was once darkness, and continually helps me adapt to my circumstances. Jesus is my joy and light.

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